These images are a collection of portraits of producers and DJs that are from Vancouver, and that tour through Vancouver. The images of these producers represent the vast spectrum of the electronic scene in Vancouver, with the various sub genres that each of them play as well as from where in the world they come from to play shows here in this city. It's an ongoing look and collection of images as the scene continues to grow and new faces come into the scene, as well as new sounds that start to trend that bring in new producers and djs this city has seen and never seen before.
Anna Morgan - Worst Behaviour - NYC, New York
Djrum - R&S Records - London, UK
Madam X - Kaizen - Manchester, UK
Roska - Roska Kicks & Snares - London, UK
Rusko - Sub Soldiers - Leeds, UK
Skeptical -Exit Records - UK
Bloodline - London, UK
Youngsta - Sentry Records - London, UK
Chris Lorenzo - Sixty6Music - Birmingham, UK
DJ Hazard - Playaz - Birmingham, UK
Scratcha DVA - Hyperdub // allyallrecords - London, UK
Flava D - Butterz // London, UK
Doctor Jeep - Trouble & Bass // New York City, NY
DJ Shiftee - Alma Matter Records // New York City, NY
Jon1st - 20/20 // London, UK
Metrik - Hospital Records // London, UK
Soul Clap - Soul Clap Records // Boston, MA
Mall Grab - Steel City Dance Discs / 1080p // London, UK
Lord Leopard - Dirtybird // Cornwall, UK
Whipped Cream // Victoria, BC
Sam Binga - Critical / Exit / 50Weapons // Bristol, UK
Machinedrum - Ninjatune // LA, CA
Jacques Greene - LuckyMe // Montreal, QC
Plastician - Terrorythm Recordings // London, UK
Lee K - Circulate Records // San Diego, CA
Walshy Fire (Major Lazer) - Mad Decent // Miami, FL
Camo & Krooked - RAM Records // Vienna, Austria
Stickybuds - Westwood Records // Kelowna, BC
Nick Wisdom - Bastard Jazz Records // Vancouver, BC
Jayemkayem - Radar Radio // Toronto, ON
Wyatt - Vancouver, BC
Christian Martin - Dirtybird // San Franciso, CA
Letta - Coyote Records // Los Angeles, CA
Spurz - Apothecary // London, UK
Heartbeat(s) - Grandcity Records // Vancouver, BC
Phate - Grandcity Records // Vancouver, BC
Chippy Nonstop - Toronto, ON